Build a sense of belonging.

Unlock a new level of clarity on how to develop and manage YOUR community.

Find your tribe

The community speaks

Shoutout to Haneefah and the incredible growth we’ve seen and lives she’s transformed from within the Ingressive for Good community. Madame, you be like bamboo. #proud

- Maya Horgan famodu
(2x Forbes30Under30)

The successful brands of tomorrow will be those who create authentic connection, giving customers a real sense of belonging, and unlocking unprecedented scale as a result.

- David Spinks
(Founder, CMX)

There is a tribe of fellow customers or employees or investors or believers or readers just waiting for you to connect them to one another and lead them where they want to go.

- Seth Godin
(best selling author)

We provide clarity



have defined your values and missions

value your employees, partners and customers

truly want to achieve impact

We’ll work with you to;

Create a true sense of community

that will make them contribute

which will unlock values for your business



are a leader that provides value

are a successful creator with an audience

want to help your audience create value for themselves


We’ll work with you to;

build a tribe of members with the same passionate goal

allow members to tighten their communications

leverage the tribe to grow and unlock values for you



With over 5 years combined experience of the team, C4A will coach brands and businesses in Africa on how to build their communities while creating a smart, and unique methodology to bring the right people together for these businesses.  We are positioned to partner with leaders and startups in need of communities in their business structure and build clarity on how to connect and grow their own unique communities.





Create your Strategy

We inquire, guide, and provide structures through series of sessions to uncover clarity and create a holistic community strategy.

Design your Program

We work with you to build unique programs and events that would help scale your community. 

Consolidate: Reflect and Adjust

Use change to your advantage by dedicating time to listening to the pulse of your community and adjust accordingly.

What makes us different

Extensive experience in Africa

As Africans, we do not always have readily available information that is tailored to our needs. It's easy to 'ask Google' and be presented with a ton of resources that don't apply. That stops when you have community designers like us to drive the community the African way.

Value-driven team

Ever heard that a hungry man has no ears? Well, neither does a starving community. You will not get any value from a community that you have not invested in. They will not hear you nor see you. We know what to feed your community. We know what need to hear you.

We coach and guide

We don't want to fish for you till the end of time. We want to take you to the pond and teach you how to make your own bait, catch your own fish and have an amazing dinner.

Community is our DNA

We are made up of a community. We are a community of community managers for the community. Who better to handle the community than the community?

Are you ready?

Work with us to find your unique tribe, build it and drive impact.

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