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Community For Africa
Community For Africa

Our mission is to redefine the true value of community in Africa.

We design Communities

Nobody does anything successful without a foundation and a system. A system that works. We work with people and organizations who want to build better communities to design and tweak systems that will work for them.

We design communities
We make original copies

We make Original Copies

What we’re doing is amazing and we want to make sure that more community managers in Africa can do so too. We’re teaching them how to do the amazing stuff that we do with a touch of their own thing. Hence, original copies.

We Learn

We grow by learning. Communities are always evolving because humans are, we want to make sure that we stay on top of our game. We host events with community leaders and managers. We also read books by community managers TOGETHER. Afterall, we’re all about togetherness.

We Learn

Meet the Team


Haneefah is an award-winning community builder who loves communicating and meeting people.


Fawzyyah is 1 part content creator, 1 part community builder with a knack for creating content that’s valuable and also focuses on building and engaging the community.


With your experience as an amazing inspiration, it seemed natural that you’d make the team. Welcome

We can't spell community without 'U'

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